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K9 JETS allows your pets to be by your side in the cabin of a luxury private jet rather than being restricted to the hold of a commercial aircraft. The service provides a relaxed, stress-free environment for you and your four-legged companions. Flying from New Jersey to London monthly, Lisbon and Paris, and more!

We know how cumbersome the pet travel process is, so we’ve partnered with Pawtrip to provide you assistance as you navigate your travels.  You’ll get access to speak with their certified pet shipper and one year access to their powerful AI pet travel planner.

Learn more from pet travel expert and Delta's very own in-house vet, Dr. Nelva Bryant.   Dr. Bryant created When Pets Fly to help educate Pet Parents, Pet Professionals, Veterinarians and anyone else that works in the animal transportation process, travel industry and government agencies about the importance of safe products and services supplied during transport.


What if I don't have my flights yet, or my departure date could change?

We will adjust your pet's plan as your date changes.  In fact, it's best to get started with us as early as possible so we can make recommendations for your pets based on any upcoming appointment dates you already have scheduled.  More importantly, some countries have import requirements that can take 6 months or more to meet.  We'll be at your side every step of the way and can pivot as needed as your travel plans change and solidify.

I need to travel with my pet ASAP!  How quickly can PPHC help me and my vet prepare my pet for the trip?

Every country has a different set of requirements and even some waiting periods for pets to enter based on the country of origin.  We recommend starting our services as early as possible to ensure adequate time to prepare your pet.  However, sometimes life happens and things move fast!  As long as your pet is qualified to travel on your departure date, we have helped pet owners moving with their pets in as little as 1 week!  If your travel date is in less than 4 weeks please contact us ASAP to begin preparations.

For most destinations, we recommend starting PPHC's services a minimum of two months prior to your pet's departure.  For countries like Japan or Australia, preparations must begin well in advance - at least 7-12 months prior to traveling.

What if the country I'm traveling to doesn't require pets to have a health certificate?

Some countries don't require pets entering from the United States to have an endorsed health certificate, but it can make your customs process much easier if you have one.  Plus, your airline will have their own set of requirements for traveling pets, including a fit-to-fly exam from a licensed veterinarian within a few days of travel.  For a small fee, PPHC will help you and your vet complete these steps and the accompanying paperwork.

Can PPHC help me book my pet's flights?

PPHC specializes in the veterinary requirements and medical paperwork pets need for travel.  We do not arrange flights or transportation.

Why do I still have to pay my vet in addition to PPHC's services?

PPHC's services help relieve the burden on vet teams trying to keep up with global import requirements and allows them to focus their expertise on patient care instead of tedious paperwork.  PPHC's services are in addition to the exams, treatments, and expert care your pet will receive at the vet office!  

PPHC is a specialty service that works with your veterinarian to complete your pet's health certificate.  We are the specialists veterinarians refer to for expertise just like they would refer to an ophthalmologist or radiologist.

I have a pet rabbit I'm bringing with me to France.  Does PPHC help with pets other than dogs and cats?

Absolutely!  PPHC can help with the travel paperwork for your rabbit, ferret, hamster, snake, bearded dragon, hedgehog, you name it!